A typical day in the life of this retired school teacher.

I thought I’d start off by telling you about a typical day in the life of this retired school teacher.

After 15 years  I still find myself wanting the  routine of teaching. Just as a book is a dream you can hold in your hand so it is that teaching to me was like holding a child’s mind in the palm of mine.

I miss the kids, the lesson plans, the  teachers I worked with and the amazing administrator I had my last year of teaching after 30 plus years ! He made my last year as exciting as my first, but I had to retire early as my husband was very ill.

We then downsized, moved out of NJ to a beautiful place on a private lake. Happy there until the first grandchild came along. [smile] So back to NJ we came.

Fast forward three years …. got involved with being an Educational Consultant for Children’s Books which led me here blogging about parents…teachers…and children…

Everyone wants to get their hands on advice for their children and I believe I can help or at the very least find resources to help you.

“Steve Jobs once said that “Creativity is just connecting things.” I’m hoping to “connect parents, kids, & teachers!

Hopefully you will join me in my journey. Teachers have been telling stories for years. I’m taking this one step further to help parents, kids, and teachers feel more connected to each other.

My journey hasn’t been easy, but it’s very rewarding connecting literacy through children’s books. Take a look at my social media sites also:






Good things happen to those who hustle.” – Anais Nin

Good things  don’t just fall into your lap, and there’s no use waiting around and hoping  good things will happen when you work hard for them—I’ve put a lot of thought to this blog, therefore hopefully you’ll enjoy it also.

So it is here that I will pursue this dream of mine to educate, inspire, and hopefully teach you a few new things. Is there any particular subject you need help in?

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