Celebrate Read Across America

Celebrate Read Across America by Checking out some great books for your child.

March 2 is “Read Across America Day” and I have some great books, and some will even have an activity to accompany it.

1. The first celebrates diversity and compassion.

“ When a new store opens that sells cheaper hats, Tiara—and the community she rallies—help revive her mother’s hat-making business.

Tiara has a gift for storytelling; her momma has a gift for making hats. When a new store opens that sells cheaper hats, Momma has to set her dreams aside, but Tiara has an idea for helping Momma’s dreams come true.”

Activity: Have a fashion hat show. Draw pictures of hats.


“ A Ride to Remember tells how a community came together—both black and white—to make a change. When Sharon Langley was born in the early 1960s, many amusement parks were segregated, and African American families were not allowed entry.

This book reveals how in the summer of 1963, due to demonstrations and public protests, the Gwynn Oak Amusement Park in Maryland became desegregated and opened to all for the first time. Co-author Sharon Langley was the first African American child to ride the carousel.

This was on the same day of Martin Luther King Jr.’s March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. Langley’s ride to remember demonstrated the possibilities of King’s dream.


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