Humorous Books For Your Child

What humorous books do you have in your child’s library?

According to Webster the definition of humor is:

The quality of being amusing or comic, especially as expressed in literature or speech.

Ok…how many of you are tired of “dad jokes” ? I am, therefore I bet you’ll LOVE this joke book as much as I did. Haha! It’s organized A to Z by animal.

Here’s a gem from the “D” page: What time did the DUCK 🦆 🦆 🦆 wake up in the morning? At the quack of dawn! 😊 c’mon, are you laughing yet? 🤣🤣🤣

Sometimes you need to find funny books to just entertain your children! 

One of my favorite Usborne books is:

This little book is full of faces for children to complete using the sticker facial features inside

They can  dream up their own faces, create faces that look like their friends, or mix up the features to make funny faces !

You can Add a little bit of fun to each scene with lots of reusable stickers, and create your own scenes again and again in these charming sticker books!

Below in no specific order are other books you can find on my site,

or on

Our Would You Rather – Jungle edition has exactly 220 hilarious, sublime and funny questions that guarantee full laughs for the whole family and friends!

No matter when you use it, this book guarantees everyone’s laughter and is perfect for using it with the family.

The Adventures of Nanny Piggins

“ This book is about 3 children and their hilariously subversive nanny pig embark on zany adventures in this award-winning middle grade debut illustrated by Caldecott winnter Dan Santat.

The three Green children are cared for by a nanny pig. Yes, a pig–a fabulously sassy and impeccably dressed pig, as a matter of fact! 🐷

With her insatiable urge to eat chocolate (and feed chocolate to everyone she loves), her high-flying spirit, and her unending sense of fun, Nanny Piggins takes Derrick, Samantha, and Michael on a year of surprises, yummy treats, and adventures they’ll never forget.”

Mary Poppins move over for Nanny Piigins….🤣🤩🤣

“Join a funny little long dog on his adventures strolling through a park on a sunny day!

A cute and funny little Dachshund goes on an adventure. Firstly he loves chasing balls and meeting new and interesting animals and people.

Second he loves Food carts that sell hot dogs , free ice cream , Playing Frisbee and chasing balls which makes this little Dachshund’s day as he runs around in the rain and enjoys the outdoors.

In conclusion this funny little long dog meets a lot of interesting characters while strolling through a park.