Tips to Encourage Independent Reading

Updated: May 27


11 TIPS TO ENCOURAGE INDEPENDENT READING If you’re a parent, educator or caregiver for any children between the ages of 0-12, then you know that reading is an important skill to foster in your kids. The importance of reading cannot be stressed enough. Reading fosters the development of essential skills that children need to thrive in school, work and life including: improved vocabulary; increased ability to comprehend; enhanced cognition, understanding and reasoning skills.

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Reading can be hard and daunting at times but it’s worth the effort! Here are some ways you can help encourage your child to read:

*Read together with them – If they don’t want to go on their own, sit down and read with them. Kids will feel more confident when they see that adults enjoy reading too!

*Find books about topics they care about – It’s easier for kids to find something interesting if it relates back to what they are interested in. They’ll have fun exploring new subjects through different perspectives. Plus, giving them more independence.

Gary Vaynerchuck wants you to know that you’re not alone, and that your child is not the only one struggling with reading. “ I want you to know there are ways of helping them read better and improve their education in the process. You deserve it, they deserve it, so let’s get started! “ -Gary Vaynerchuck

For most people, parenting is the biggest challenge they will face. It’s a non-stop roller coaster from birth until little Suzi finally leaves home, therefore anything you can do to help them with their adventure into the world of reading would be amazing!

1. Schedule family reading time. This has been one of our family’s BEST secrets for helping kids practice independent reading. Family reading is something everyone looks forward to!

2. Let them stay up late reading. When I asked this question on Instagram this was by far the most popular response! If the options are quietly lying in the dark or staying up late to read in bed, many kids are going to choose the reading option!

3. Model reading. You want your child to see reading as something they do for fun and by choice and one of the best ways to encourage this is by letting them see YOU choosing to read for fun.

4. Have a LOT of options available. When you go to the library, get a big stack of fun opti